Each lubrication solution is unique to its industry. We have hundreds of specialty lubricants designed to lubricate your specific applications.


润滑油 Lubricating oils
润滑脂 Lubricating greases
润滑膏 Lubricating pastes
润滑喷剂 Lubricant sprays
自动油脂加注器 Lubricant dispensers
干性润滑涂层 Bonded coatings
防锈剂 Corrosion inhibitors
润滑蜡 Lubricating waxes
脱模剂 Release agents
润滑服务 Service products

Explore lubrication solutions for these 6 markets:

Automotive Solutions
Baking Solutions
Beverage Solutions
Cement Solutions
Marine Solutions
Mining Solutions
Wind Power Solutions
Wood Solutions
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